Dexofon Records is proud to announce the release of the album“Prá Você” by the Dexter Payne Quartet +1
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I get involved in a lot of things, musically, because I like a lot of things I hear. That seems to be the criteria, without a whole lot of rhyme or reason, or cohesiveness. Do you suppose the common thread that runs through my life is me? I don’t think it’s so unusual in these times – we all get to hear so much wonderful stuff! What we then nurture has a lot to do with the company we keep, and I have stellar friends. That said, I’ve been doing this Brazilian thing for a few years and really loving it… and I am pretty excited about this new album, in large part due to the amazing people I work with.

Hats off to some of the greatest musicians I know: Bill Kopper, Raoul Rossiter, Dave Willey and Victor Mestas Peréz (in order of appearance!) – Dexter Payne